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At Harrop Fold, we are committed to making the difference for all our young people.  Our aim is to produce well-rounded young people who are prepared for our ever-changing world. We do this by focusing on the Personal, Social and Academic aspects of education, which will drive our young people to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.

Drama and Performing Arts

Welcome to the Drama & Performing Arts page of the Harrop Fold School website!
We are proud to have a flourishing Drama & Performing Arts department active in the school. The Performing Arts provide students with numerous opportunities for participation in both lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3

At Harrop Fold, each student in years 7 and 8 receive one lesson of Drama per week. At Key Stage 3, it is our aim to allow students to develop self-confidence through exploring issues and themes, whilst also teaching them theatrical devices and conventions. Pupils will follow schemes of work that consist of solo, paired and group work using improvisation together with script based work. The schemes of work are as follows:

* Introduction to Drama
* Darkwood Manor
* Romeo and Juliet
* Anti-bullying AND/OR Fame

* Mr Fox
* Pantomime
* Titanic
* Devising

Key Stage 4

At Harrop Fold, we study AQA GCSE Drama (9-1) from year 9 to year 11. This course requires resilience, commitment and creativity.

The course is built up of three components:

Component 1 – Understanding Drama, 1 hr 45 mins written exam (40% of final GCSE)
Component 2 – Devising drama, 10% Devised Performance and 30% Devising Log (40% of final GCSE)
Component 3 – Texts in practice, 10% Extract 1 and 10% Extract 2, assessed by a visiting Examiner (20% of final GCSE)


Extra-curricular projects include the weekly Drama club, the annual school production and a range of theatre trips to local theatres and the West End.



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