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At Harrop Fold, we are committed to making the difference for all our young people.  Our aim is to produce well-rounded young people who are prepared for our ever-changing world. We do this by focusing on the Personal, Social and Academic aspects of education, which will drive our young people to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.

Food & Nutrition

What will my child’s learning be like in food technology?


  • Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of ingredients and healthy eating;
  • Students will develop food preparation and cooking techniques;
  • Students will be able to apply their knowledge to make informed choices;
  • Students will develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently;
  • Students will build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high quality products for a wide range of users;


  • All Students in Hospitality and Catering will be taught a challenging and enriching curriculum which promotes a mastery level of Hospitality and Catering concepts.
  • All Students will have the opportunity to see cooking demonstrations live in action and in the real world and will be able to draw on the expertise of realistic industry standards.
  • The curriculum will aim to produce high level food handlers and effective problem solvers, develop ability to plan, prepare and cook dishes.
    To a suitable level for the future work place and as an active participant in the Hospitality and Catering industry.
  • Students will evaluate and test their ideas and products and the work of others to promote mastery.

What are we aiming to achieve in the Food Technology Department?

This scheme of work has been developed to enable students to learn where food comes from, how to cook a range of dishes safely and hygienically and to apply their knowledge of healthy eating. Students will develop their knowledge of consumer food and drink choice, enabling them to make informed choices for a healthy diet and life style.

Hospitality and Catering offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and extend their skills within hospitality and Catering in a vocational context. It is suitable for those who want a broad background in this area and for those who wish to progress to further education. It will offer valuable preparation for those entering the world of work.

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Mr D Burrows – Head of Faculty (Technology and IT):


Mrs S. Maddocks  – Teacher of Food Technology:



Please see below our curriculum map

Food & Nutrition Curriculum map


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