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At Harrop Fold, we are committed to making the difference for all our young people.  Our aim is to produce well-rounded young people who are prepared for our ever-changing world. We do this by focusing on the Personal, Social and Academic aspects of education, which will drive our young people to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.

Modern foreign languages

  • Head of Faculty – Mr D Hargreaves
  • Subject Lead MFL – Miss S Phillips

Here at Harrop Fold School, we realise the importance of learning other languages. Our department is a dedicated and enthusiastic team who are passionate about supporting the study of Modern Foreign Languages.
Language learning opens all sorts of doors. Within the world of work, knowing a second language is a huge advantage. Similarly, learning another language has a great academic value, since it enhances creativity, problem-solving skills and literacy. A qualification in MFL is highly valued when applying for further education.

Curriculum Intent

In MFL we aim to prepare students to become global students by providing an excellent education for all which raises aspirations and deepens their understanding of the wider world. We are committed to a communicative and active approach to language learning, which allows students to be engaged in activities that have realistic and achievable targets. As a result we hope to inspire a lifelong love of languages and to develop independent language learning skills through an emphasis on linguistic manipulation, grammar and authentic materials.
Language learning should provide a liberation from insularity, our curriculum enriches students’ understanding of the world and exposes them to a diverse range of international opportunities and cultures; whilst fostering their curiosity and enabling students to develop ideas and opinions and communicate these for practical purposes.

Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage Three, our students Spanish and French in years 7 and 8. We also run clubs, extra-curricular activities, language events and regular trips for our students.A wide range of audio and visual resources are used such as, online video and sound clips, DVDs, and interactive online tools all aimed at bringing enjoyment and activity to our lessons. Interactive whiteboards are used in all Languages rooms.

Across Key Stage 3, students will have the opportunity to develop the skills and understanding to use the foreign language effectively and express themselves for the purposes of practical communication.  Within this, they will develop an awareness of the nature of language and language learning and practice a variety of skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing.  They will learn a range of vocabulary across different topic areas such as self, family and friends, local area, school and social activities.  Students will form a sound base for further study and develop an ability to evaluate their own and the work of others, and be encouraged to participate in discussion and group work.

Lessons are enjoyable and stimulating and the emphasis from the start is on creating an atmosphere of communication to aid progress in learning.

Students are assessed regularly throughout Key Stage 3 in order to monitor their progress. Assessment takes place in each of the four key areas of study (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

Key Stage 4

At Harrop Fold School, we encourage our students to continue with their language learning. The GSCE Spanish and French courses provide a framework for the development of skills, knowledge and understanding in a Modern Foreign Language. They are designed to enable students to communicate effectively, through both the spoken and written word, using a range of vocabulary and structures.The GCSE curriculum covers 5 main themes:​
* Identity and culture
* Local area, holiday and travel
* School
* Future aspirations, study and work
* International and Global Dimension.
These topics are measured by 100% external assessment with each of the four skills of : Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking weighted at 25%.

Unit 1 Listening (25%) : The exam involves listening to spoken French and Spanish and answering questions related to what you have heard. Answers are either in English, in the target language or involve ticking boxes, multiple choice etc.

Unit 2 Speaking (25%): The exam involves describing a photo, taking part in a short role-play and general conversation. Students have 12 minutes to prepare for the photo task and the role-play.

Unit 3 Reading (25%): Students read short and longer texts in French and Spanish and respond to questions by ticking boxes, multiple choice or answering in English or in the target language. Literary texts and translation form part of the exam.

Unit 4 Writing (25%): The exam involves writing short essays and longer essays in the target language. Students get a choice of questions to answer. They also have to translate into either French or Spanish.


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