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At Harrop Fold, we are committed to making the difference for all our young people.  Our aim is to produce well-rounded young people who are prepared for our ever-changing world. We do this by focusing on the Personal, Social and Academic aspects of education, which will drive our young people to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.


What will my child’s learning be like in Dance?

The three components in the qualification give learners the opportunity to develop broad knowledge and understanding of the performing arts industry and specialist skills and techniques:

Component 1 : Exploring the Performing Arts – DANCE -30%

Learning Aim A: Examine professional partitions’ performance work.

Learning Aim B: Explore the interrelationships between constituent features of existing performance material.

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts –DANCE -30%
Learning Aim A: Develop skills and techniques for performance – Development of performance and interpretative skills.

Learning Aim B: Apply skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance

Learning Aim C: Review own development and contribution to the performance

Component 3: Responding to a brief – 40%

Activity 1: Ideas log

Activity 2: Skills log

Activity 3: Performance

Activity 4: Evaluation

What are we aiming to achieve in the Dance Department?

We are aiming to provide pupils with a high quality experience of dance which encourages them towards leading lifelong healthy, active lifestyles.

  • To allow students to experience a wide range of dance styles enabling them to develop their own interests and equip them with the skills and techniques to perform at their full potential.
  • Be creative and explore a range of skills that will help students develop their own technique.
  • To allow pupils to develop their confidence and build upon their ability to work as a team.
  • To offer pupils as many times to perform as possible.

For more information please contact Amy Louise Challender (Teacher of Dance and Drama)

Amy Louise Challender – Dance and Drama Teacher amy.challender@salford.gov.uk


Please see below for our curriculum map

Dance curriculum map


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