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At Harrop Fold, we are committed to making the difference for all our young people.  Our aim is to produce well-rounded young people who are prepared for our ever-changing world. We do this by focusing on the Personal, Social and Academic aspects of education, which will drive our young people to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.

Remote Learning – What to do

Pupil Absence Scenarios

Below sets out the expectations of pupils should they be expected to work from home.


ClassCharts – Important Information

ClassCharts is a website and app we will use to communicate with pupils and parents. Each have separate login details, this allows parents to view behaviour points both positive and negative and the homework set.


Key definitions

Working From Home – This is work for pupils who are self-isolating. Do not complete if attending school as normal.

Homework – This is standard homework and should be completed by all pupils, whether isolating or not.

It may be required for us to set Working From Home tasks to all pupils in a year group. Your child should only complete this work if isolating for any of the reasons outlined below. Homework for all pupils will be labelled as Homework and should be completed by all pupils in the year group


Scenario 1: COVID-19 Individual Isolating Pupils

Our aim is to continue your child’s study of the curriculum in line with that of the students in school. In order to do this we will use a combination of presentations, online videos and independent practice using sites such as Hegarty Maths.

  • If you haven’t already, download the ClassCharts app. Here you can view the homework set throughout the isolation period.
  • Each morning visit ClassCharts and select the homework tab. Here you will find lesson resources set by each subject area (please note that this may not be set by your child’s normal teacher).
  • Completed work can be sent back to each teacher by uploading to ClassCharts.
  • Each pupil has a knowledge organiser, these contain the core knowledge and can be used to support the online lessons. Your child should continue to use the knowledge organiser to practice self-quizzing of the core knowledge.


 Scenario 2: COVID-19 Year group Isolation – In this situation, we will provide live lessons to the entire year group, using the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • To gain easiest access to live lessons, download the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Links to each live lesson will be available from ClassCharts and the school website.
  • In each live lesson, two teachers will be available. Encourage your child to comment in the Q&A box, the teacher can then provide individual feedback.
  • Daily revision of core information should be completed using knowledge organisers.


Scenario 3: COVID-19 Multiple year group isolation – In this situation, we will aim to provide live lessons for all years isolating as per the schedule. This provision will be dependent upon the number of year groups isolating and the availability of staff.

  • We will communicate with you within 24 hours of the year group isolation to explain how home learning will be delivered.
  • Checking ClassCharts should be the first priority as a pupil and parent. This is where individual subjects will update the schedules for home learning. This can be found in the homework tab.


Other Online resources

Year 7 Maths – https://www.sparxmaths.uk/student

Year 8-11 Maths – https://hegartymaths.com/

All subjects – https://senecalearning.com/en-GB/ and www.thenational.academy/

Student Guide – Live Lessons

To Access Your Live Lessons:

  1. Log in to Class Charts.
  2. Within Class Charts, you will see all of your set work.
  3. Look for the subject that you are scheduled to have a live lesson for that day. It will say “LIVE lesson” in the title.
  4. Go into this assignment on Class Charts, and you will see: a Microsoft TEAMS
  5. You need to click on this link, and enter the “Live Event”. select the option “watch on the web instead”. See image on right.


Conduct in Live Lessons


  • Ask questions related to the learning
  • Ask for help if you do not understand
  • Engage with the independent tasks that are set
  • Upload your work to Class Charts following the lesson
  • Enter your FULL name when entering the chat facility.
  • Enjoy the lesson! This is a live broadcast, so you will not be seen or heard. You will just be able to see the teacher, their lesson and hear them teach you.


  • Type anything into the Q&A box that isn’t related to learning. If you do, it will not be published anyway, so nobody will be able to see it.
  • Give the link to anybody that is not in your year group at Harrop Fold School.

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