Welcome to Harrop Fold

At Harrop Fold, we are committed to making the difference for all our young people.  Our aim is to produce well-rounded young people who are prepared for our ever-changing world. We do this by focusing on the Personal, Social and Academic aspects of education, which will drive our young people to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.

Young Carers At Harrop Fold School

Here at Harrop Fold School, we are aware that some students may have a caring role at home.
If you help to look after someone at home, you should have a person to talk to. Here at Harrop Fold we have dedicated staff for students to talk to, in confidence, if you need some help or just a friendly chat.

Our ‘Young Carers Team’ are Mrs Ruscoe (operational Lead) and Mrs York (SLT Lead). In addition to the operational leads, Year Leaders also offer 1:1 sessions and support.

Our Young Carers Mission
We believe that all children and young people should have equal access to education, regardless of their circumstances at home and that whilst some children have to take on various levels of caring responsibilities we need to make sure that their educational needs are addressed.
When a young person does look after someone in their family who has a serious illness, disability, mental health issue or suffers substance misuse problem, they may need a little extra support to help them get the most out of school.
We aim to understand the issues faced by young carers and support any student who helps to look after someone at home.

We aim to support young carers through a whole-school approach and through working with other agencies and professionals, with the understanding that support for the whole family is in the best interests of the young carer.

Young Carers Policy March 2016


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