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At Harrop Fold, we are committed to making the difference for all our young people.  Our aim is to produce well-rounded young people who are prepared for our ever-changing world. We do this by focusing on the Personal, Social and Academic aspects of education, which will drive our young people to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.

Careers Education Information And Guidance (CIEAG)

Impartial Careers guidance is provided by Careers Connect and Salford Foundation from Year 8 onwards. Additionally, Harrop Fold School provides a range of activities and experiences that give our students a full understanding of opportunities post 16.

Connections and post 16 provision at Harrop Fold School

Year 8

* From September 2016 Year 8 pupils will undertake an intensive 10 week reach for the future programme. This will be 5 weeks with a coach to look at resilience, personal effectiveness and students’ knowledge of STEM employers. Then 5 weeks with STEM employers to gain experience of this field. This is aimed at mid ability pupils (90 in total). From Careers Enterprise Fund – contact is Julie Riley (Career Connect)
* Introduction to the world of work during form time.
* 4 lesson introduction to Higher Education presented by MMU – myth busting and requirements to access HE
* Salford Foundation Inspirational Workshop – focus on interpersonal skills, qualities, motivation needed post 16 –include past students and local businesses (1 hour workshop per class)

Year 9

* Connections team introduce themselves and their service to the year group in assembly
* Evening Pathways event (following number of assemblies) that introduces Progress 8 and importance of post 16 world. All local Colleges present with the Connections team and are able to answer questions at their stalls
Students have the chance to undertake a Pathways interview with a Senior Teacher concerning their choices and what might be best for them post 16
* From Jan 17 Harrop involved in GM Higher National Collaboration Programme that will focus on top 30% (academic) and aim to increase % of students accessing Higher Ed form current 15%. This will be for Y9-11
* 4 lesson introduction to Higher Education presented by MMU – myth busting and requirements to access HE
* Salford Foundation Inspirational workshop – concentration on local stories/case studies (class based activities 1 hour workshop)

Year 10

* First individual meetings with Connections adviser for vulnerable students
* Extended Apprenticeship assembly for National Apprenticeship Week in collaboration with Bolton College and a guest speaker
* Apprentice Ambassador Presentation to all the year group in small groups. Q and A session.
* Introductory assembly with all local College providers – looks at Traineeships, Vocational courses and A Levels
* Army recruitment extended assembly
* Whole year group visit Salford College for 1 day taster lessons/experience
* Approx. 50 pupils attend Bolton Sixth Form for 1 day for a taster of A level provision
* 3 Student Conferences for the year group. This entails individual target setting/ex-student as a guest speaker (about College life) and Connection adviser with College/Apprenticeships requirements
* MMU session on life in HE – expectations, requirements
* Salford Foundation to mentor 10 students who are possible future NEET – explore destination options.
* Curriculum Enrichment day individual Mock interview and CV writing – pupils are interviewed by local employees (in formal wear) and given advice about their pre prepared CV

Year 11

* All local Colleges present extended assemblies on their offer
* Individual interviews for College places throughout Spring/Summer term
* All students are given their first individual Connections interview by Christmas and invited to make further appointments when they require. More intensive support with vulnerable students. Connections are contracted for 2.5 days per week. Harrop Fold has gained the CEIAG Level 1 qualification
* Salford Foundation to work with possible NEET students offering close support- 10 students mentorship program
* Post Year 11 Salford Foundation are used as Coaches to support and mentor vulnerable students over the summer vacation and first few weeks of Year 12 (commencing summer 2016)
* All local College Open Events advertised in assembly and form
* Online UCAS application forms completed by Christmas
* 4 Student Conferences looking at Mock result day and individual target setting
* All Year 11 students have a coach – this coach looks at current academic progress and post 16 choices made. In Autumn term Year 11 form tutors and coaching staff will be offered up to date CPD on the current labour market and changes within
* MMU session on life in HE – expectations, requirements
* Assembly from Aldi on possibility of employment at a range of levels in their organisation (provided by National Careers Service)
* Kaplan Finance to work with Business Studies students on the finance section of the SOW and in Maths on why Maths is important and useful in the work place.
* Large launch event for NCS through Salford Foundation on Curriculum Enrichment Day – aim to improve NCS take up from 30% to 50%

Below are a number of useful links regarding Independent Careers Advice and Guidance. Click on the logo to access the relevant website

National Careers Service

CV builderBuild a professional looking CV

Career ConnectThis is the website for Career Connect. It includes details about careers, learning and living, vacancies for young people, job search advice, interview help, CVs, case studies and downloads .

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ApprenticeshipsThis site offers details of apprenticeships in England. It includes information on what you learn as an apprentice and details of the qualifications you will obtain. Also listed are currently available apprenticeships.

JobsearchThe jobseekers website has a job search facility (based on type of job and distance from your home). It also has advice about applying for a job, how to look for work and how to plan a career

National Citizen ServiceThe National Citizen Service (NCS) is an exciting opportunity for 16-17 year olds to build skills for work and life, while having fun during the school holidays. 35 students have signed up for this summer! Enjoy!

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